Blow Your Own Horn Loudly! – 7 Ways to Succeed As a Freelance Writer


By: Marlene Affeld

To succeed as a freelance writer, it is important to implement aggressive methods of self-promotion. Article writing, signatures, blogs, guest blog posts, and forum posts are excellent ways to generate new clients and obtain new writing assignments.

Article writing presents a double, but doable challenge. It is not just enough to get published. You have written a well-crafted article; now you must find viewers to access and read your words.

Writing compelling submissions that grab the reader’s attention provides an opportunity for you to create a steady stream of revenue sharing income from your articles, offering another sound reason to engage in article marketing.

To increase your chances of attracting and keeping viewers, create your personal profile page to showcase your best articles.

Write about your favorite topics; things you enjoy and find most fascinating. There is nothing more boring than trying to turn out well-crafted prose on a subject that does not interest you. Let your enthusiasm for the subject show in your words; think of writing as painting and every word a brushstroke.

Writing multiple articles on the same subject provides the opportunity to link your articles to other relevant articles you have written on the topic.

Always set up the link to open in new windows or tab, so visitors are not quick to leave your page. It isn’t necessary to always write a long article; but be sure to make it grab the reader’s attention.

When you have written and posted at least a dozen or more articles that you have linked to each other, you are ready to find some forums that relate to your topic where you will be able to make comments with a post signature that includes your profile page link.

Become involved in the discussions; ask and answer questions. If you can provide an answer through one of your articles, you can include the link or suggest that the answer is available through the link in your bio or signature. Do not spam. Always make sure your links are relevant to the discussion, your comments positive and engaging.

Set up a simple signature to attach to your e-mails that offer an abbreviated bio and a link to your writer’s profile page. It is important that you always provide a method by which readers can contact you.

Find blogs in your niche that solicit guest posts. Be a welcome guest and always follows the rules of guest posting. Guest posting is an excellent way to expose your work to viewers that would have never otherwise seen your articles. Most blogs will allow you to include a brief bio and a link to your writer’s profile page.

Promote your articles through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Reddit, and more. Ask friends and family to share your articles in their social media circles.


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