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A dedicated, deadline driven writer and editor, I take enormous pride in supplying feature articles for online publishers, website designers and marketing companies. When you need a professional content writer contact me; you “call the shots” and I will make it happen.

My writing styles range from procedural instructions to persuasive marketing material. I will happily craft engaging articles on your choice of subject matter.

103_9083I am an excellent researcher and will provide verifying facts for all my articles. I specialize in writing key word rich articles incorporating SEO strategies to promote reader engagement. I have extensive experience in promoting my articles via social media and other niche blogs.




Do you have a website but not enough time to create content? Do you need assistance with creating content for your marketing, public communications or advertising campaigns? Enlisting the services of a professional will minimize your expenses, expand your exposure, and grow your business by creating key content to build your brand.

I offer permanent blog posts from quality sites in a diverse array of niches including health and wellness, food, home improvement, travel, real estate and recreation. All sites are niche based. All sites have strong backlinks with good domain and page authority. If you are interested in testing this time-saving service, feel free to contact me at: marneaffeld@mac.com


“A passionate writer for more than 30 years, Marlene Affeld writes of her love of nature and all things natural. Specializing in Eco-Travel, Science, Environmental Health, Conservation, The Beauty of Nature, Sustainability, Green Issues, and Wildlife.

Affeld’s passion for the environment inspires her to write informative articles to assist others in living a green lifestyle.”


Marlene A. Affeld



Client feedback is the lifeblood of my freelance writing business. Tell me what’s on your mind, good or bad.

I respond to all feedback and look forward to hearing from you!