An Attitude Adjustment


By: Marlene Affeld

Attitude is either a positive or negative response to people, ideas, life events or almost anything that impacts your daily life. When you have a positive attitude, life flows smoothly, when you focus on the negative, you receive more of the same.

Do you embrace life and live in an “Attitude of Gratitude” or do you waste a good portion of your day feeling sorry for yourself and counting and recounting your troubles like beads on a rosary?

Stop a moment, grab a pen and paper and write down a list of all the things you have to be grateful for today. Start with the little things like gratitude for the vision that allows you to read these words. As you count your blessings, the list grows longer and longer.

Are you grateful for all your life experiences: good and bad? One of the most difficult spiritual lessons to accept is that everything that occurs in our life happens for a reason. There are no accidents. We create our reality. If you dislike what you have created, begin again. Life is a continuous process of renewal and rebirth. There are lessons learned from every situation. While we can’t always control what happens to us, we can always control our response.


Affirmations For My Soul’s Journey


By: Marlene Affeld

Affirmations help us maintain focus, belief and clarity: empowering us with hope and faith that motivates effective action to bring about the positive changes we seek in our daily lives. Affirmations, like all thought, are a form of prayer.

I have the ability to change anything in my life I choose to change.

I speak with confidence and conviction.

I live in “an attitude of gratitude, expressing my heartfelt appreciation and praise for others earnestly and often.

I am congruent and totally committed to my goals; seeing them as already accomplished.

I only seek that of which I can be a loving custodian.

I honor, respect, appreciate, value, mend and maintain whatever or whomever comes into my life.

I respect and love myself: flaws and all. I hold myself, and others in high esteem.

I see myself as the person I want to be: courageous, decisive, healthy, truthful, loyal, fair, prosperous and wise.

My vitality, energy and health increase daily.
I slumber in peace and awake in joy living life with a sense of eager anticipation: knowing the best is yet to come.

I live a life of design rather than reaction. Divine life flows through every cell of my body as I acknowledge that everything in the Universe is sacred.