Are You Getting Paid What Your Words Are Worth

By: Marlene Affeld

computer-1583432__180Although the economy seems to be improving, there are still a lot of people unemployed or under-employed. Are you one of the many that are attempting to supplement your income as a freelance writer? Are you looking for fair compensation for your efforts? Are you tired of working for peanuts?

When first getting started as a freelance writer, it is easy to become discouraged. It seems that most of the assignments available offer a pittance rather than a real income. To establish one’s self as a successful freelance writer does require patience and persistence. Although the completion is fierce, a diverse array of companies offer fair compensation and steady work for talented writers.

Whole Life Magazine relies on freelance material to fill its pages. They are currently seeking writers to submit articles on natural healing, green living, alternative healing, social responsibility, sustainable food, personal growth, spirituality and the environment. Compensation for an 800 to 1200-word article varies from $150 to $200 dependent on the topic and the author’s expertise and experience. Additionally, Whole Life Magazine has many regular departments that pay from $75 to $150 depending on the research required and the writer’s experience. The City of Angels section features 200 to 400-word articles and pays $35 to $35 depending on length and subject. The BackWords section features 750-word personal essays, highlighting milestone events or life-changing moments in the life of a writer and pays $100. Send a query via e-mail to

If you work or play in Honolulu, Hawaii, Honolulu Magazine hires writers to provide material about the city and surrounding island. Honolulu Magazine publishes stories about local history, sports, lifestyle trends and personality profiles. The pay scale is impressive. They pay $600 to $1,800 for featured articles and $100 to $600 for short stories. Submit a query letter, resume and writing samples to A. Kam Napier, or contact Honolulu Magazine managing editor Michael Keany purchases articles for two separate publications: The Write Markets Report and They seek passionate writers to contribute articles on how to find markets and increase writing income. They are also looking for articles about home-based businesses and self employment opportunities for writers including ghost writing, self-publishing, resume writing, technical, scientific or corporate writing. They pay $60 for a 600-word article.

Fresh Healthy Vending pays $15 to $25 for articles or blog posts. The company is currently seeking writers to craft feature articles for their family of websites. At Fresh Healthy Vending, your writing efforts are appreciated. Writers are given their own author-credited column and produce insightful articles about the company’s healthy vending machines. If you need a reputable site to build your portfolio, develop your writing skills and earn substantial money at the same time, visit their site and submit a resume and cover letter. pays .025 per word or $10 for a 400-word article. To apply, send an e-mail to along with your resume and writing samples. All writers must speak English as their native language.


Replace Your Day Job

flowers-871685__180If you can weave words in a concise, entertaining and lucid manner, have a passion for research and a dedication to deadlines, writing from home is an ideal way to supplement your income or replace your day job.

Transitions Abroad is looking for articles on living and working abroad. They are especially interested in articles about teaching English abroad, volunteering, internships, international careers and long-term travel. If you are a passionate world traveler with a talent for writing exciting content about your journey, Transitions Abroad is seeking to hire authors to write about budget travel, women traveling alone, vacation home travel, responsible travel, senior travel and food and wine destinations. The average pay per article is $100.

Blue Mountain Arts accepts submissions of poems and greeting card copy. They seek creative, original and fresh reflections, insightful poems and verse. They pay $300 for a published poem used as a greeting card. For a book published poem, they pay $50. They are looking for poems for all major holidays as well as children and adult birthday cards, graduation cards, wedding cards, thank-you cards and get-well cards. is a newly launched online magazine featuring the iconoclasts, outcasts, misfits and just plain weird people that populate the planet. Nothing or no one is off limits. If you are creative, write with wit and humor, excel at research and want to build your writer’s portfolio writing for a publication that is offbeat, outrageous and irreverent, submit a sample article. Moot Magazine pays from $25 to $300 per article, dependent on depth of research and author’s expertise. hires writers to submit articles and tutorials. They invite writers to create “do-it-yourself” guidelines for home repair projects, cooking and crafts. TutToaster pays from $50 to $200 per article and encourages authors to submit their own photos to illustrate instructions.

Content Corp is presently hiring freelance content writers to submit articles on health, lifestyle trends, finance and computer. Prepare a cover letter to spotlight your talents and submit a writing sample and resume.

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