Write Your Way To Financial Independence


By: Marlene Affeld

During difficult economic times, many people struggling to meet their financial obligations. Unemployment in many states has risen to record highs. Jobs are “few and far between.”

If you have dreamed of finding a way to share your life experience and be paid to do it, writing online can make your dream a reality. It’s a great way to make some extra income. In time, freelance media writing may replace your regular job.

Forget stressful commutes, office politics and someone else directing your schedule. When you write online, you work for yourself.

There is an insatiable demand for fresh online content. Site owners seek writers capable of meeting deadlines and producing a continuous supply of new articles. Fresh, original content is required to improve the website owner’s search engine rankings.

Website owners use social media sites to expose and promote their products or services. The incredible growth and popularity of sites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook drive Internet marketing in an entirely new direction. Website owners need writers to produce original content to keep their social media pages updated.

Wide ranges of online writing jobs are available. However, an innumerable number of very talented people are competing for these jobs. Many writing sites do not require applicants to hold a college degree. Some sites require applicants hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or have extensive experience in their niche market. Other sites seek authors with an advanced degree.

You will do best if English is your native language. You can work from anywhere, on the beach, curled up in your pajamas beside the fireplace or from an Internet café.

The secret of success is to treat online writing like a “real” job. If you work “8 to 5”, then write from “8 to 5”. Once you get into the rhythm of writing daily, you will enjoy the structure and order it brings to your work. Put on your “thinking cap,” consult a thesaurus and write some snappy copy.

Because you can work from anywhere you can access an Internet connection, online writing is a perfect job for the person that likes to travel, desires a flexible schedule or who lives in a remote location and must telecommute to work.

Online writing is a perfect part-time job for “stay-at-home” moms or dads. Parents can make a living working from home, spend quality time with their children and avoid expensive childcare. You can even write from the playground or while the young ones are taking a nap.

Online writing requires a dedication to meeting deadlines on time and producing error free copy. If your work is “perfect” when submitted, your time isn’t wasted with rewrites. Online writing jobs are plentiful, but to land the best jobs, you will have to polish your skills and do an outstanding job, sometimes for not a lot of pay. It takes time to find the right position to match your skills and interests. With a bit of research, you will find that there are a lot of viable options. Online writing can be a lucrative career, offering freedom and a way to express your creativity.

Getting Started

Refresh and update your employment resume. Highlight positions that involved writing.

Build a portfolio of your writing samples. Write different types of articles for various niches. Create “evergreen” articles, essays, product reviews, and “how-to” manuals. Proof each sample carefully and make required corrections. You only have one chance to make a terrific first impression. “Blow your own horn” and publish your articles on your blog or website. Use social media networking sites to promote your articles across the web.

“Don’t Put All You Eggs In One Basket”

On some sites, writers can address virtually any subject. You are limited only by the limits of your imagination. You choose the topic and the direction of the article. You will likely have to write a minimum number of words. Sites that accept “create your topic” articles typically pay based on a revenue share from monies received for advertising that runs in conjunction with your article. Some sites pay per submission. Other sites pay both. You can write for immediate payment or build a cache of articles that will pay you month after month.

Many online writing websites allow you to select from a selection of assignments. The website picks the topic. This is great if there are lots of choices in your area of expertise. You are in trouble if the choice of articles is restricted or eliminated. Always have 2-to-4 online writing websites where your submissions are welcomed.

Finding legitimate writing sites that pay fairly for time invested is difficult. There are lots of jobs out there. Online writing jobs vary greatly in application requirements, expectations and compensation.

Article Writing

About has established a stellar reputation as one of the best sites on the Internet for writers. Their standards are high. If you can “make the cut” the pay is high and dependable. Become an expert in your favorite topic. About is always seeking new guides.

KingTutz offers great opportunities for freelance writers with a background in business, marketing or economics.

Proficient Writers seeks academics, teachers and other knowledgeable professionals to submit articles for pay. Compensation ranges from $7 to $15 a page. There is lots of work for everyone and the application process is fast and easy. Apply today, write articles tomorrow.

Writers pH, a company based in the Philippines, needs article and essay writers. You can work from anywhere, on your own schedule. They pay through PayPal.

4Writers offers fair pay for short articles and essays. A great place to polish your craft, work with skilled editors and develop a writing niche.

Academic Writers

Prospect Solution is a well-respected writing site for research writers and freelancers. They pay above industry standard rates. A college degree in your chosen writing field is required.

Other sites worth checking out include, Freelance Writing Service Asia Writers and Academia Research.

Essay Town seeks writers degreed in any academic field. They are especially in need of writers for economics, mathematics, physics and accounting. Candidates must be able to expertly write term papers, research papers, theses, essays, book reports, and dissertations. Pay is above industry standards.

Home to freelance writers from around the world, Freelance Writing Center, provides steady employment that fits most anyone’s schedule. Many writers consider writing for Freelance Writing Center a dream job. You can make an excellent income. Work full time or choose to write part-time, when and where you want.

Travel Writing

If your life experiences includes living abroad or extensive world travel, Transitions Abroad, is a great place to write about your experiences and earn an income to supplement your travel budget.


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